Industry advantage

Competitive Advantage
1:Automated complete solution service provider with one-stop service
2:In-depth localization, rapid response to user needs
3:Software + hardware product architecture, the core technology master of the entire industry chain
4: Experience with a wealth of automation solutions, numerous success stories


Technical advantages

Motion control technology:

  1 optimization of operating efficiency, best path and trajectory

  2 forward-looking control technology to effectively suppress shocks

  3 low speed and high torque, high speed and high response, smooth high gain

  4 lower power consumption

Automation control technology:

   1 high-speed bus communication

   2 robot cooperation

   3 robot and human collaboration

    4 multiple intelligent control and conditional judgment

Robot automatic line:

    1 many successful cases, rich experience in automated assembly line

    2 can provide complete equipment and services for metal cutting automatic line

    3 smart factory planning experience

    4 full experience of loading and unloading, spraying, welding, handling and polishing